Queering the Fandom: Xena and Beyond

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Virtual Panel

Event Description:

Queer fans have been pouring over the subtext of television pairings for decades, but it wasn’t until the popularity of Xena: Warrior Princess in the 90’s that Queer Fandom began to crystalize culturally. Developing in tandem with internet forums and fanfiction publication sites, “Xenites” formed a strong community through these mediums that continues to attract new followers more than two decades later.

These fandoms are now more vibrant than ever, spreading across a multitude of tv series and beyond, and even culminating in conventions of their own. Through the common lens of Xena: Warrior Princess, these panelists are situated in various niches of queer fan experience, culture and academia. This discussion will illuminate interdisciplinary insights on the topic and highlight the important contributions that LGBTQ+ folx make to fandom.

This program is co-hosted by New York City Council Member Gale Brewer in partnership with the American LGBTQ+ Museum.


Aphrodykee: Former Co-Host of The QWOCship Podcast


Gabrielle Zilkha: Filmmaker, “Queering the Script”

Penny Cavanaugh: CEO, Spark Purple

Sheila Briggs: USC professor and Xena fan

S.C. Lucier: Co-Creator of “Xena: Warrior Musical”

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