Eric Marcus Discusses the Museum, Gay History in USA Today

The American LGBTQ+ Museum has partnered with the New-York Historical Society to open our first ever exhibition space!

American LGBTQ+ Museum finds a home in NYC, expects to open in 2024

A timeline documenting the LGBTQ rights movement did not exist when journalist Eric Marcus dove into that history in 1988. He collected stories for his book “Making Gay History” to preserve these moments and to educate future generations of LGBTQ activists. But the text got sectioned off to niche gay studies shelves when it published in 1992 and again when it was reissued in 2002.

“It wasn’t so long ago that LGBTQ history wasn’t considered part of American history,” Marcus said.

Two decades later that’s no longer the case – the American LGBTQ+ Museum – the first of its kind in New York – is expected to open in Manhattan’s Upper West Side as early as 2026.

The New-York Historical Society, the state’s oldest museum, has announced plans to expand its Central Park West location to house the LGBTQ+ museum, the state’s newest…